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  May 2018 Tigress
A Simillacrum
They can tell their little girl's doing it again
Floating on her raft bed,
Drifting in the open water
Navigating harsh turns

******* the water as she's swallowed into darkness
An extension of the yearning
She holds underneath her rib cage
Her parents say they understand

Build her self expression between bars
Hoping in a corner for someone to come explain
Leave her in the moonlight tell her
She can't *******

She may wonder why most of her adult life
She can never see the stars that others see
With bitten lip behind their eyes

It's too late
But is it too late
to learn
about the space you take?
It's too late
But is it too late
to kiss
yourself til you get love?

even if it has to be pulled through sheets to your toes
even if you have to scream a summoning call
and wriggle through the tingles crawling
up your bed legs
Tigress May 2018
The temperatures rise,
Eyes lock,
Temporarily disabled,
Frozen in time,
Time drags,
The snail is faster,
Reflexive movements,
Eyes close
Lips lock,
Tigress May 2018
At the sense of your touch
The world stops
Time drags
Your touch awakens every living being in my body
Making my skin kneel and beg for more
At your touch heaven seems so real
No words can describe.
Touch me..

— The End —