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Miscerior Jan 2019
A serpentine chisels paranoia into the soul,
A plaque of distrust, sculptures of fear,
A wicked work of art as it takes control

O sordid Oizys, of you speaks an urbane seer!
Through his teeth emerges your ambition,
Aspiration of which in repulse I jeer

With dark power, you summon serpents, terror is their mission
With fangs of dismay, they bite the throat,
And the venom sows the poisons of suspicion

Hark! Goddess of anguish, the victims arise with antidote!
Guidance of the trained, support of the friend
No longer, in their tormented cries, shall you gloat

By the sword of Kratos, your bones shall break and bend
Your victims rise, determined are they for fears to cease
Their rage shall be your glorious end

A spectacle it shall be, from fear a sweet release
The terror will no longer control minds
Finally, the tormented shall be at peace!
Miscerior Jan 2019
In vessels made from my love
Sailors of my warmth arrive
A land of beauty and worth
This land shall be named ‘Your Heart’
I originally wrote this for my girlfriend, and I was really proud of it.
Miscerior Dec 2018
Sentient vibrations,
Living, breathing, and acting,
Shall they heal or harm?

— The End —