So far,
So long,
What did you feel ?

Was what you ever felt.
That how things
would turn.
I don't know what you feel. I never knew. Maybe I never will
I am
a misfit
in this world
of blue.
having no clue.
What if
I could just
These feelings
muddled up
in a brew.
Trying to fit in.
And suddenly
all at once
everything feels alright.
Like everything
can be
sweet and petite.
As if the
good old days
are back.
When laughter
was low cost.
And we were
carefree and lost.

Maybe the days
are long gone.
And the
blinds are drawn.
Maybe we need
the rain.
We need to
live up again.
To the good old days when we were kids and friends who are still
What if you feel is
Nothing at all,
but numb.
Numb to the core.
As if suffocating.
Unable to
reach the shore.
sometimes this is all you feel...NUMB
You're the
sweetest person I know.
Is what people often
tell me though.
But what do you gain,
from being so kind.
Or always being
taken for granted.
When pain is all you get for being generous.
loving someone
does not stop
at the pain
they caused you,
or the pain
you caused them.

it exists somewhere
deep within the mind
between suffering and forgiveness -
because forgiveness IS love,
and that sliver will always remain.
not a real poem by my standards just a piece i've been resting on for a while now

I always have love for the people who were there for me and taught me the lessons I need. I will always have love for anyone who's showed me some, and I will never hate anyone who's ever been themselves to me - those are the truest most soulful people.

I hope one day they see that, and get that I do have love for them, and could never hate them and all the parts of me I gave. I could never hate myself for the parts of me that they gave to me - can't hate myself for the person they helped raise in character, lesson, and love.
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