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You're like nail paints.
I want you
to stay,
but not in parts.
So, I eventually
need to
scratch you off.
I wished you would have stayed. But not anymore.
And I sat
to hear out
your tale
as you wailed,
of how bills
were streaming down
your mail.

To lighten up
your grumpy bumpy
I came up with
all things
black and blue.

And when
all was said and done,
here comes
a snoopy snap
with a
flashing smile,
that ran
from mile to mile
And nothing can make me happier but that smile.
I pushed open
the window.
I drew the
curtains off.

The world
was full of
Beyond those
metal walls.

I let a
deep sigh
and turned
away my gaze.

My world
of pen and paper
is better
than that maze.
So far,
So long,
What did you feel ?

Was what you ever felt.
That how things
would turn.
I don't know what you feel. I never knew. Maybe I never will
I am
a misfit
in this world
of blue.
having no clue.
What if
I could just
These feelings
muddled up
in a brew.
Trying to fit in.
And suddenly
all at once
everything feels alright.
Like everything
can be
sweet and petite.
As if the
good old days
are back.
When laughter
was low cost.
And we were
carefree and lost.

Maybe the days
are long gone.
And the
blinds are drawn.
Maybe we need
the rain.
We need to
live up again.
To the good old days when we were kids and friends
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