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Lawrence Hall Sep 2021
Lawrence Hall

                                            You are a Solitaire

A generation cannot choose to be lost
Even though many might give up on life
Sulk in self-pity in a crowded space
As if no one ever suffered before

But trust yourself to make a stronger choice
Refuse to be defined except by you
Consider the teachings of the wise, not the loud
And build your life by the standards you set

For after all, you are not a generation -
You are your own creative, industrious self
A poem is itself.
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Not knowing who I am
Calling out
Do you feel me
You never heard my voices' sound
To whom do I put this forward
I really don't need to know
Fact is I feel and write
At this hour
I am literally alone
Just a scene late night
Bartholomew Oct 2018
I’m supposed to be strong for everyone including you. But whose supposed to be strong for me?
Guess I don’t need anyone’s help.
I cry but incognito, can’t allow anyone to see these tears.
I’ll wipe them away myself.

Push it to the back of my mind, all the way in the rear.
I’m afraid to share my emotions so I numb it all away, cage my depression, bury my fears.

Can’t trust anyone cuz one day they’ll be gone, they leave as they usually do, I tell myself I can’t be mad.
So sometimes I leave them before they leave me, Every man for himself right? I learned that from my dad.

My biological..... wherever he is in this reality
I’m on my own. A solitary mentality

The abnormal normality
trinity Apr 2018
the game has ended
all the cards in their places
still, i am alone
ive been playing a lot of solitaire and i love haikus especially if they sound deep so here we are
Jim Marchel Oct 2017
You beg to speak with me, but it is of your own accord that I sit in ignorance to the sound of your voice. The lies and slander never stopped until you needed me. It will be solitude in which I stand; I am here for you no more.
Our games together are over.
pia Apr 2017
A deck of hearts
A deck of spades
Some cards to get me
through the day

Shuffle the stack
And mix them so
You lay them down
And you're good to go

Black goes with red
Red goes with black
No cards in hand?
take three from the stack

Now we go from King
then Queen to Jack
Red, black, red
Black, red, black

If you've played for some time
it's safe to say
you've come across a card
that had an A
don't be confused, it's called an ace
If you find all four,
it's your lucky day!

So here's a truth
I'm sure you can bare
Congratulations, my friend
You just played solitaire
at a writing workshop and they asked us to make a poem out of something we had in our bags. I brought a tin with cards.
Liam C Calhoun Jun 2015
I had found,
Or stumbled upon
Where the love-birds –
And pave the ways to

My park
By day,
Becomes their park
By night
As they selfishly take away
All the seats
And sights,
Leaving me to drive on,
Drive home
And drive alone.

I leave the seagulls to roam
And **** on them,
Let them
**** on everything
For that matter.

When I gift
The gulls,
I return to the crows
And vultures of
Solitaire –
As I grow lost,
And maybe a
Little lonely
To the emptiness that I find,
In a one night love
And the run away soon

I don’t smirk,
Or laugh it away.
I almost find a tear
Or a time to cry,
Not quite,
As I keep on driving
Past home,
City limits,
And state lines.

And arrive,
Or reminded,
By the dreams,
Where I don’t die alone,
Or broken
But together,
And maybe with you,
The one I loved
And one I left
At that very same
Atop a night not
Too far

— The End —