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Flatfielder Nov 2020
No one speaks
The wars are no more
Holding hands in silence
From shore to shore
Acceptance creates freedom
How do we get there
Don't follow
Answer to yourself
Empty the square
A future wish

As 'near_lane7' on instagram and mirakee
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Mystical voices
Hidden behind towers
Whispering sound waves
Missing sweet scent of flowers
Left unchallenged
Invading populations minds
Approvals become main stream
A dangerous grind
Minorities shall rise
Convince forgive and invite
Grow exponentially
The countries renew
And strong they shall heal
Freedoms communities angst individuals pain
To support and believe
Respect truth and caring
Never in vain
A try anyway
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Show pride in your persona
All you got
A word prompt answered on mirakee
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Invisible dangers
Circling the globe
Indifference then panic
Lucky they
Who have an anode
Us humans are challenged
We obey and we fear
It's coming nearer
Will it leave
No one knows
Caring and saving
Winning and losing
Healthcare and science
Maxxed to exhaustion
Grateful and hopeful
Populations at large
Indebted to the heroes
Savors and saviors
Silently cherished
Flatfielder is
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Sore knees resting
On the round table's top
Imagine suggestions
No worries about a crop
An empty glass without a rim
Staring at me
Pushed aside with a grin
Energy levels rise
After playing quite a many
Old rock videos
They are in my guts
Make me want to go
On that bike trip
Wind in my eye
Bug just missed
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Fill in the blanks
Intentions we don't see
Unless we read those lines again
The ones who hit us
Then left
Leaving an unease
Can it be true
Or plain speculation
Now reason
The possibilities
Justine Louisy Jul 2020
Mummy used to buy me hair grease,
for my hair was a seismic wave of crease.
The scalp crying sweat,
the tantrums were the onset.

Wide tooth comb have mercy on the nots,
nests of lies and cheeky clots.
The flurries of dandruff deposit,
the skeletons in the closet.

Mummy brought out the blue magic,
the long strands thirsty to become ethic.
Such a wave of moisture,
like the silkiness of an oyster.

A perfect layer of braided Cornrows,
blended amongst the tropical mangoes.

Mummy says to me you’re a woman now,
be prepared and ready to plough,
the knotty hairs of your little ones.

Go and buy the same hair grease,
to ensure their naughty traits mature into peace.

Justine Louisy

Copyright ©Justine Louisy 2016
All Rights Reserved
So... I’ve mentioned about braids but now let’s talk about the preparation of Afro hair and the goodness of hair grease (metaphorically speaking 😁😅) enjoy!!
Gainful rumbling tones,
grain crushed between grinding stones
gives grist to your mill.

Michael C Crowder @scorsby 1st March 2019
Akash De Mello Apr 2019
It's such a beautiful and warm summer day, but I sit inside and watch as the shade passes away.
The bright blue skies passes over with a looming feeling of grey. Pink and green and yellow to orange but just left with a sense of being tired. Is this my home? Just feels like a stop along my way. Preaching words of wisdom and telling everyone it will be okay, how can I tell someone that they will be if I'm not okay?
Hard to know what a red flag is when I look at the world through a rose tinted glass, not knowing which moment will be my last.
Maybe it does get easier as each day passes, but that's the hard part, having to do it each day.
Maybe it's not my time to enjoy a beautiful summer day, so I better get going on my way.
Akash De Mello Mar 2019
Born into this world, that's filled with color
Hoping just to be kind to one and other
A blank canvas, on a artists wall
Moulded like a flower, ever so small.
Actions you take, steps you make
Decisions you've made, due to someone's aid
A painting, brushed by the colors all around you
All these colors, but which one to choose?
Maybe indigo, or teal to be as strong as steel
Or sapphire is your style, a black fire that's versatile
Turquoise if you're weird, cyan too
Ultramarine to be feared, or just an ol midnight blue.
All these colors to look up to
But in the end, we are all just shades of blue.
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