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Wynn H Nov 2018
The day drags on
As I count the hours,
Watching them drift on by.
Day by day…

Waiting for that ever elusive
Last hour of the day,
that beckons
For the drive home.

But, the closer
I get to that
Ever elusive hour,
The more I begin
To dread the drive home.

The fear of helpless loneliness
With only myself
As companionship awaits…

A fear,
That only alcohol can quench
                          Until tomorrow…
When we start this process
All over again

When will the hurting stop?

[soon soon]
Hayley Jan 2015
This morning, I just wanted to sleep,
I was violently woken by your voices

The worst kind of wake up call is
the one that teaches you that nothing
is ever going to change.

I've given up on trying to find a way out,
I've stopped believing I'm not alone
I'm still surprised every. single. time.

I thought by now I'd be used to this,
I thought I was the King of Hatred
The Queen of Disappointment

Everytime she screams, or he screams, or
I scream
It hurts just as bad,
I still can feel the weight of my family's dysfunctional fuckery crushing me,
I will be nothing at all.

But for now,
I get out of bed,
Look in the mirror,
And smile.

The fakeness of my family lives within me, too
Actually happened this morning.
My mom made me leave the house with her.

— The End —