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When my adrenaline caught a breath
of sandalwood musk, and a hint of
disinfectant from an anxious party host,
I knew I was entering the war.
Discolored shoes shuffling

over a film of beer
that dirtied the parents'
checkered tiles.
Medallions peeking
through unbuttoned shirts,

dancing and grooving until the
basement lights snapped
their joints awake.
They went to war
over Colombian Gold.

It smelled of strange fruit,
with earthy notes
that lingered throughout
the boys' hair; styled to hide
the nape of their necks.

They talked about the war
through the lines of demarcation
on their chapped lips
and cotton ball mouths.
One boy offered me a pill.
from "Evenings in Jackson Heights"
The fools' contempt is what we need
When everyday is all filth and greed
And while the heavens sing from above
The hurting children cry out for love
We open our filthy palms
Just to escape this terrible fate
Of lies, and thieves, and worthless things
And only words of hate
The gay men, the starving children, and the drug addicts are bombed
Satanists and alcoholism
The freedoms we had
Now prejudiced and gone
Suicides are left and right
As the animals start singing
The Moon weeps for her children
As the Sun is merely sleeping
Where did they go?
What is wrong
It is time to escape this fate
That we have invoked all along
And as the blood in our veins feels like it's about to burn
The end of the day
And the tears we cry
Is all a lesson learned
Now cry for the last lullaby
All hope is gone
From the voices in our heads
And now we die!
Side by side and hand in hand
On the battlefield
Where our bodies are merely one grain of sand.
We cause pain to our dying brothers
And become ourselves, merely traitors.
The poem, if you do not understand, is pretty much saying, everyday we **** one another and take away all of the precious freedom we have.

The battle on alcoholism and drugs
Civil Wars
Prejudice against religion
Anti-gay rights.

Why do we have to fight over such trivial things. Just let all humans be equal and live as they please.

— The End —