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Emma Feb 2015
I've written so many poems about you
Far more than you've written for me
But yours are always reassuring
That you love me just as much

You say my words are true
You really do care
It isn't just the poem talking
Or me romanticizing something fictional

Sheepish, you tell me
Your words aren't as well constructed
Or as long and winding
As mine are

My poems are only so long
Because I am at a loss
To describe someone so amazing
It's writers block, but I'm always inspired

I will keep writing for you
Until I perfectly describe you
And I hope you will write for me
Until I do.
LovelyBones Feb 2015
Roses are red
Violets aren't blue
Nothing can stop me from caring for you
From the setting sun
To the rising stars
There's no way we'll ever be taken apart
During the sun, the rain or the storm
My love for you will never be worn
Not for anyone. I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day.
LovelyBones Feb 2015
Step into my shadowed chambers
Feel my dusty walls
Wander through my tattered rooms
And down my darkened halls
Brush across my tight pulled drapes
And stroke them with your hand
Slide across my smooth wood floor
Begin to understand
Wrap yourself up in my blankets
Curl up in my bed
Don't overthink it, just relax
And rest your weary head
Listen for my loving whispers
Feel my weakened call
Build me up when my foundation
Seems it's soon to fall
Stay within me by my side
And don't leave me alone
For my walls are caving in
Open to unknown
A little different spin on a love story. Enjoy! <3
PrttyBrd Feb 2015
Darkest days of black
Turn brightest shades of sunlight
Your smile births my own
PrttyBrd Feb 2015
No marble stare as cold as ice
Can be found inside your gaze
For it is there that heart's desire burns twice
And your eyes set me ablaze

Hazel hues of wanton need
Make my cheeks flush crimson red
And make my deepest parts take heed
As you lead my love to bed
You see me as a vision
An angel of your very own
Through a tarnished crooked halo
A pair of horns has grown
Still, you see in me perfection
In fact, I am your missing piece
And I pray with everything I am
That your love will never cease
I love the way you see me
LovelyBones Feb 2015
One day of love and happiness
Doesn't make up for years of heartache
Emma Feb 2015
There have been times
Where it would have been easier
To just leave me behind
And become emotionless

But you stayed
And I've seen many sides of you
Like you've seen many of me
As you helped me be less fearful

I've kept you awake many nights
You've helped me sleep
No nightmares came those nights
You chased away the monsters

It's easier to walk away from someone
Whose emotions sometimes consume them
You took the challenge
Of helping me break free

And because you love me so
I will fall asleep tonight
As you've said, the past should stay in the past
Thanks to you, I can dream again.
Emma Feb 2015
My head is on your chest
As you hold me tightly in your arms
I feel warm and safe
When I'm with you

A Disney movie is on
Like the ones we grew up with
I'm holding onto your hands
Smiling like crazy

You kiss me on my cheek
And pull me closer to you
Saying how much you love me
And how beautiful I am

This is what I always wanted
And I finally have it
Perfect dates
With the perfect guy.
LovelyBones Feb 2015
Gather up every single one
This is our day to have some fun
Both hands are free and lips untouched
No need to impress, no need to rush
Keep your money, leave the rose
Don't be ashamed if everyone knows
No need to shower or do your hair
Because you're not going anywhere
***** your manners, just be you
Let's face it, what else is there to do
No staring across an awkward table
No 'boyfriend' 'girlfriend' typical label
Forget a mushy gooey Valentine
Or all the drunk ***** with their fancy wine
The perfect Valentine for me
Is on my couch, warm and comfy!
All the single ladies, now put your hands up!
Emma Feb 2015
From day one
You promised to protect me
From the demon that followed me
It was for the best

You fell in love with me
Despite my long backstory
A tale of romance and betrayal
Ending when I met you

You have been my comfort
When the nightmares came
Letting me hold onto you
As tight as I can

You've been my teddy bear
My keeper
The love of my life
My protector

One time I thought
Someone loved me more than you
You've taught me me true love
Leaves no bruises.
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