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Starry Sep 2019
Although I am
This hide my true feeling
Of the world
Which is a tantric war torn
Pervse place
Where the unsavory
Starry Sep 2019
***** looks are
My specialty
You know the evil eye
I have a poker face just scary
Yet more beautiful
Than Charles Manson
Starry Sep 2019
My poker face is on
My gaze in you
I don't like you
You watch
For you're
A tantric low life.
Starry Sep 2019
Finally dad
You can stop
Me for a smile
For I am back in love with
Him again.
No money nor
Bugging me
Will never bring a smile to
My face.
Only the one and only
Starry Sep 2019
Dearest Hill
My beloved doctor
I just want you to know
That I am finally smiling
Because reconciled
Our love for eachother is stronger
Than before.
Starry Sep 2019
You can take your kama sutra
Your tantra
You beastality
You criminal behavior
And shove it
Dear Jay
Apologize to
The real
And Hindus for
Their religions are
Not about ***.
Starry Sep 2019
I am at
P e a c e for once
After 24 hours of
Dantes inferno
I am at peace
Calm and in love  again
Starry Sep 2019
He knows
Who he is
And that he
Knows that
The tables have changed
Jay what goes around
Comes around
But you are buddhist
You should
Know that
By now.
Starry Sep 2019
As we kiss under
The light of the moon
Exposes your fatal flaws
And imperfections in
Our relationship
I cannot have that
Because I am an artist
A perfectionist
Starry Sep 2019
My brain
And heart
Are an severe
And intense thunderstorm
More like a hurricane
As that I will destroy you
And your "love"
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