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Tia Jane Sep 2015
Not a word was said ~
Above the hum of fingertips ~
His hands danced a duet ~
With her skin ~
Love made without voices ~
No hush nor whisper ~
The only noise ~ the sound of mutual desires ~
Intensely passionate love ~
They need not speak ~
Touch ~ Taste ~ Kiss ~ Skin
The only music they needed ~
And he ~
She ~
The only ones who need to hear ~
Not my best write. Rushed and thinking about a recent experience when words were not needed. Mainly the point behind this story is that if you can hear each other, it doesn't matter if the rest of the world can't.

Copyright Tia Jane Fajardo
Tia Jane Sep 2015
I've been there ~
She listens with ears that only hear the pain of lovers past ~
He sees with eyes that are blurred with visions of everyone who went away ~
Love spears your insides ~
It disrupts old memories ~
It stirs them up into toxic mush ~
Until all you see is ALL the people that used to be ~
Not each other ~
The glass is stained with the past ~
Clean it off ~
Clear the smudge ~
Look at the water with clearer eyes ~
Listen to the night with ears that have long since shed an old lovers sin ~
You still can't look at each other ~
But don't let go ~
No one will hold you like she does ~
No one will protect you like his jealous arms ~

You are hers and she is yours ~
And that's all you both should see ~
Listen not to whispers of people who can never be ~

Push aside ~
The pain and pride ~

Listen to each others hearts again ~
Because the beat didn't skip ~
And when you hold his hand ~
And touch her skin ~

You'll realize that a love like yours ~
Can never be apart again ~
For Raine and Jacob
I've been there and lost. And everyday regret whispers in my ear and pulls away my sanity.

— The End —