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I've learnt that I crave acceptance
So is this poem an epiphany;
Or simply, a cry for attention?
Paenitentia's pondered thoughts.
If only his hatred
Was as transient
As her love
His rage burns with passion
Yet all her love
Is lost.
Paenitentia's grief.
The candle sits awaiting its charge;
Alas, I remain in darkness.
Once my soul takes leave,
I implore no mourning.  
I float free and liberated,
In the empty expanse of eternity.
Paenitentia finds release from his burden.
Candle flames flicker

As life does so burn

Those lost to the abyss

Do rarely find return
The poem from the beginning of the final story in my short story collection 'The Tales of Paenitentia'

— The End —