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JDM Dec 2013
(Listen to this song here)

One makes you tiny
the other makes you oh so tall
One makes you happy
the other makes your body fall
Join me in Wonderland
and I will show you something special
Join me in Wonderland
but leave your ego at the door

The nether world will greet you when the last grain of sand drops
within the magical hour glass inside our makers thoughts
Layer after layer we shed our fear till the ego is found
Drowned by the light of a supernova
shattered loud with a glorious sound

Walk with me through the Looking Glass
leave your body behind and join me at last
Lay with me and forget the past
tonight the sky ignites over Wonderland

For you my friend I'll bake you a cake and
cover it with spice
One slice will change your life
The White Rabbit never lies
And then you wake up
now your mind is free
your finally free
You can see together we
form a river of energy

(chorus here)

Laying down on my bed of shame
I feel that nothing ever stays the same
Oh I'm laying down on my bed of shame
I feel so much inside
this never ending pain

(chorus here)
© JDMaraccini 2013

(Listen to this song here)
Shruti Atri Aug 2014
I'm a steamroller on a highway,
Unstoppable, and gripped by craze.

'Get out of my way! I'm coming through!'
My vision's blurred, I'm trapped in a haze.

I swerve to the left, then swerve to the right.
Through the windshield, I see the moonlight;

Bright and shining; shining, bright,
Everything is coherent in that bright light.

The bang shocks the ride, and the glass shatters;
It's that rare moment of clarity...

The weeping bark is my destiny,
And I swerve again to meet the tree.

I've broken through my shell,
And I stand exposed.

So this is how the levee breaks...
I can hear the river barging as it explodes.

My crystal barricade has been breached.
There's no escape, there's no defense.

The night's conspiracy is in fruitition.
And I rest my case, cease pretense.

The moonlight was a gentle kiss,
On this night, it wasn't alone...

You were the target I was destined to miss;
I'd lost the mortgage for my time loan.


My number was up, I was your slave
Funny how that worked out

On saving you,
My core reactor burned out.

The little boy in the moonlight
Was the reason for my demise.

Were you my personal demon?
Or my salvation, my prize?


You devoured me, I worshipped you.
Then up you got, and there you left.

Guess you were my demon then...
You abandoned me, bereft.

— The End —