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Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Put it on my mama, that violets are blue, roses are red, and my heart is dead and so is your heart.
Dearest friend,
Where have you gone?
What has happened to you? What has been done?
Once an elegant flower, you seem to be losing your petals.
And I will not rest until your troubles are settled.
Through the fire, you walked by my side.
Now it is my turn to save your hide.
Misery has taken you under its wing. But, I am taking you back.
For now misery shall have us both, for I cannot bear to see your life slack.
I love you as though you were my blood, and I mean that by heart.
And for you, I will fight until I am torn apart.
So please, dear friend, I beg you now, do not hide, inform me about your troubles.
For I will help you solve them, and if I can't, if it just hurts too bad.
Then by your side I will cry as we wait for time to pass.
TheEndOfForever you have always been there for me since I first met you. And there is no way I am going to let distance keep me from helping you through rough times.

— The End —