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A constant fight with my heart and soul
Not knowing where to go,
Just letting the ocean's currents pull
Drowning in all my emotions and faults
The sharks are swarming
And I can taste the ocean's salts
Not able to come up for air
The water is filling lunges
And this story I cannot bare.
A child holds out a hand.
He has no tears to cry.
His stomach is a gastric band.
His future is to die.

He doesn't have food to eat.
He has nothing to drink.
To him this life is far from sweet.
His future is to sink.

Whilst all around that other place.
People cause disarray.
By getting started in the race.
That we call black Friday!

Whilst many have to pray for life.
That we treat as the norm.
We're fighting for the cheapest price.
And doing it in swarms.

How can the peoples of these places?
Hold their heads up high.
Does greed reflect from our faces?
Whilst so many other die!

We seems so motivated.
Over a child's toy.
It's ok to get aggrevated.
Over the things we buy.

It would be another story.
If it was a fight for life.
But it doesn't show much glory.
When it's a new coat for the wife.

We have a poor economy.
So can anyone be blamed!
We are all healthy, fed and free.
And we should all feel ashamed.
People fighting over TV's, computers and various other companies products. This is what we see on this day! Where have all the morals gone?
29th November 2014

— The End —