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in the long ago
a randy poet
did contact me
via the site's
internal email
he requested that I should
pen him some ****** verse
due to me being
such an obliging person
I wrote the fellow
a few lines
of the hot and steamy
he was quite satisfied
with how they affected
the pelvic region
and it engendered
such a goodly arise
Sir Percy
but after several months
all communication
between us
did abruptly cease
for he had found
a more seasoned poetess
to scribe him stuff
*in a spicer pitch
GC Jul 2014
I looked out the kitchen window to see the new springtime grass
But fog from your tea on the sill blocked the view.

Rain came pouring down
To expose a sunny day.

You complained your green tea
Was over steeped. It was brown.

Did you open the (cabinet
To get the sugar) from the top shelf?

I used your mug today
As a bowl to hold my soup.

You were raking outside
But there were no leaves to form a substantial collection.

The grass was frogs’ legs
And told you to jump, jump, jump.

Did you open the (shed
To get the fertilizer) from the top shelf?

— The End —