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Johnny walker May 24
There as never been a single moment day or night I don't think of her I'm truely blessed to feel still so attached to
just as In life like siamese twin joined together In an unbreakable bond life or death we remain
So much so I require nothing else from life but to continue my poetry of her and to continue to live on with
Through fond memory has given me an a strength, that at one time was unknown to me
But a strength that carries me through
The bond of love that can never be broken an undying love for each other I live life for the two of us now untill we meet
I will love life for the two of us untill the day comes we meet again
Johnny walker Apr 23
I remember you laying In my
arm's and so much I feel her
still,and  the fragrance of her
perfume  Youth Dew drifting
gently through the
The warms and softness of
her body the contrast of rough
against the smoothness of
Helen body against mine to kiss
the sweetness of her
We'd cling to each others bodies
never wanting to ever let go for
the love we had for each and
although my darling gone our
love will never ever
And just like Siamese twin that
were ever separated by operation
for that would surely caused our
premature death for we couldn't
live apart
always and forever, for that's how
we were meant to be, for true love
surely that's what Helen and I truly
had a love that even In death will
never die
Like Siamese twin that just couldn't
live apart, and after Helen past away
the only way I could survive was to
write poetry of her I dedicate all my
time to writing of
Just like Siamese that were never
ever separated joined together
thought our life together for to part
us would have killed us both as It
nearly did to
But I survived through keeping
Helen's memory alive totally
dedication to her to write about
our life together and to make mark
In life for her, and I know I can't
ever let her go for I truly love
Helen and I were like Siamese twins joined together for life, for to have tried to separate
us would have truly killed us bot
Johnny walker Mar 15
Always to together for forever we'll be just as
In life as death so we
For I know my darling
somewhere out you waiting for me
One day I'll be joining you
where together we'll be just as In life forever was meant to
So much In love for true romance, we truly did have
like Siamese twins never apart just In life so shall be In
Together as In life as In death
forever we'll be
Johnny walker Jan 26
Helen and I were like Siamese twin 24/7 we
were together
did we ever want to
be apart neither of us
could ever visualise
That's the way we
stayed for the twenty
years together
whatever we did
wherever we went
but now there's always that empty space a
space that will never be
We were like Siamese twins never apart It made It so much  harder when Helen passed away
Megan Parson Aug 2018
Well, she looks like a witch,
Her pointed nose does twitch.
As she frowns upon the grocery list,
Then scrunches in a timely twist.

Bidding her straw broom,
Which she doth groom.
Hovers away into the gloom,
Over a pond she doth loom.

To frogs, rats, snakes and slime,
Quoth she, "All in good time!!"
Soon they'll be no room,
For the impending doom.

Her cauldron happily hissing,
As she adds to the seething,
Her black cat begins meowing,
After the rats, he begins running.

Slowly cooling the putrid portion,
She applies the lovely lotion.
The moles, warts and silver hair,
Disappear into thin air.

Her velvet apparel now lace,
Not a blemish does one trace.
Fondling her silky Siamese,
She heads home with ease.

To the little candy castle,
Awaiting Hansel and Gretel.
*Grand Witch, named after a favourite movie : Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

           What does beauty mean to you?
Blois Dec 2017
I don't know you, said I
while attached to my back the old me,
like a siamese twin, withered,
drained of meaning by the image
of this new self I'm supposed to be.

I swear by this mirror that I don't know you.
I repeated the lie smiling awkwardly,
every terrified silabe like the footsteps
of things moving in an empty room.

Have you ever tried it?
If you bang on about it you might end
playing rock, paper and scissors with yourself.

— The End —