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Arke Aug 2018
no one can fathom
their mercurial will
no one can know
what life will fulfill

I've tempted fate
I live on borrowed time
because I've met you
I've experienced the sublime

when Lachesis cuts
woven threads of my life
I'll look back on moments
of happiness and strife

my life's constance is love
your smile is my bliss
while I'm still alive
your happiness is my wish
Arke Aug 2018
This is a gift exchange.

I would like to share with you some of my happiest moments:

Having breakfast at a restaurant on top of the mountains and watching the sun rise over sleepy houses.

Wine and food pairing tasting in the summer, near the lake. It smelled like fresh flowers and the breeze off the lake made the summer sun bearable.

Kissing you and realizing it felt like home, like I had found something I didn't even know I was missing.

Every memory shared has been a gift exchange, and your gifts are ones I will always cherish.

Thank you.
Arke Jun 2018
the poppies bloom, the orchids, too
sweetest flowers, pale petals of white
when I see them, I think of you
I'll watch you grow, your dreams take flight

and should I be there, in your dreams
watching the stars throughout the night
we'll sleep beneath the moon beams
that spark our hearts to ignite

this is love, pure as day
in your laugh I take delight
I love you so, I must now say
because our lives are finite

since we leave this earthly world
hold me now, near and tight
watch our love as it unfurls
and we will sway, under starlight

— The End —