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mere Jan 21
Building my own castle,
With nothing but only the
sand and hope.
Knowing it is something that's
part of me,
And something that I can't tell.

Then suddenly you came
into my life,
Just like a wave from
my favorite oceanã…¡
Took all the sand from the
castle that I am building,
Letting my feet soak and dive.

You gave chills to my body,
Gave deep happiness to my heart
Wrapping me up with your
ocean hug,
Touching me with your
warm breeze.

I enjoyed every second,
That I forgot what people
I enjoyed every moment,
And I don't know where
my castle went.

You aren't any other waves,
You're different.
The only similarity of you
with them is
You left just like what other
waves do.
Daisy Rae Aug 2017
I wear an oxogen mask
to make myself breath
because a lot of times
I don't want to
Charlie Mar 2015
think of us when you're getting that paycheck at 30,
think of our ****** up relationships and avoid them,
make assumptions about us when you don't know our last name

being about that life doesn't mean we're as bad as you would think
think of us when you see some of the crew in the news and others in magazines
think of us when you say "**** it"
think of us when you're desperate, walking home with your heels in your hands

being lit up everyday won't make us sad unless we want it that way
think of us when you **** someone over
think of those kids you knew in high school
but never hung out with
think of those kids with the drama and the drugs and the lies and the cool clothes that we wore everyday
think of those kids that changed over the summer
we are the underagers, we are the kids you secretly wanted to be
your secret is safe with me
i'm not sureeeee
Jenn Jan 2015
He pretends not to love her
but every time he looks in the mirror
he sees everything he could've had with her

He pretends not to want her
but every time she says 'hi'
he whispers 'i miss you'
at his phone
but sends 'hey'

He pretends not to need her but hes slowly realizing the sweetness she brought to the air was the only thing he was ever willing to live for

He pretends not to remember her
but when he's crying in the shower,
his tears tell him otherwise

He pretends not to dream of her but when he wakes from night terrors and a sweaty brow, he realizes it's her absence haunting him

He pretends not to notice the flowers in his driveway that she planted
three years ago for his mother
and fights the urge to rip them from the ground

He pretends to shut her out but he knows he can never let her go without losing himself in the process

— The End —