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Jiyuu Oct 2018
There are...
           Billions of people and
           busy streets in the world
           and you are just a mote
           dancing between them.

There are...
            Thousands of people
            on the train,

there are...
           hundreds of taxi cabs
           and busy cars
           passing by,

there's a lot of
                 city lights
                 and planes,

you have your
        won, yen or cent
        on those coffee shops.

nothing on them,
took you back to me.
Ashley Apr 2015
I know i got a pretty face but dont get it twisted
I bet you wouldn't even last a day in this ****
Broken smile evil in the eyes roaming thru the streets battling the concrete ..
firexscape Jul 2014
In reality, she doesn't matter to them
She's just another pretty face in the crowd
Nothing that makes them want to stick around
Poor darling, once she's out of sight
She's out of mind

— The End —