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K Balachandran Sep 2018
Precarious perch,
They peered at flood waters’ spread;
And they found no end!
Sam Feb 2018
Somewhere in a distant twilight
You can find me on a rooftop
Perched like a bird without a home
Although I won't be singing
Instead, just reminiscing

Conversations in your bedroom
Those nights have come to pass
Now he fills that space beside you
Hope at last defines you

Nicotine whispers to my brain
As I resist the thought of your name
In cold moonlight I remain
Mind led back to distant days

My masonry perch becomes so lonesome
Twinkling stars my only console
In this dark, I do not sing
For my heart only beats when reminiscing
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
Ideas of concepts,
From dreams and forgotten nights,
Conversations with people,
Faded into the ether of reality,
Ideas pulled from the other places,
Forgotten by man,
Ideas that fly by like birds,
Or flutter slowly as butterflies.
Hoping to find a place to perch.


— The End —