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Someday maybe                         |                gnitiaw fo derit worg ll'I
As I wonder about of you            |         ?yhw wonk t'nod i sselpleh oS
Hear my heart that say...          |                 ...enola lla ereh m'I taht
Of our sweet memories             |                 yawa spils tsuj ti tsaf oS
That is here to stay,                   |             ,emit ni eud nettogrof tuB
Of my love to you, Forever        |     og tel ot esoohc uoy evol ruo fo
It's been sitting in draft for years, so as the memories that comes with it.
(Origin date)
03/28/2011 8:15-AM

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
Ottar Feb 2015
tanked, no tide
fins fiddle, quiver so
to stay still and float,
fish bowl acre,
feeding frenzy for
plastic plants placed
on rocks ranging in the round with rainbow
with unattractive algae, be-
ginning to creep up the glass
of once was a clear quartz cookie
jar, Joe is contained,
             no complaints,
he gets three free meals a day,
and is right now hearing the strains
of Cello Suites one through six,
light shining
into his ocean tide
waiting on me for his last
feeding of the day, then darkness
will fall and the false moonlight
will let him him be to play
or sleep...not knowing his
body of water is not the only
Dark Jewel Oct 2014
Wolf adorns her howl,
Almighty Jewel of Snow.
Controlled by Auroras shadow,
Slipping through the wood.

She is a beta,
Walking in the path of Omega.
She is marked by the moon,
A star upon her brow.

White as snow,
Pure holiness.

She searches for mateship,
Someone to be with for eternity.
Even as wolf of Aurora,
She is Mortal as can be.

Thy Jewel of Snow,
Tranquil by Ice.

She will become Omega,
To find the mate.
For the rest of their lives.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
I tried to climb to the peak, much too high the clouds were blinding me
Teetering on the middle rung, could not grip on and I got pushed
I aimed for more, climbed and heaved, tripping as they laughed and jeered
I tried to be goth or punk, even in my uniform
I was dull. And the swats just turned their nose
I was a polar bear swimming between melting ice caps
hopped like a frog from lilypad to lilypad
I looked at eye level and I was still afraid, looked down where open arms were raised
The freak, the dreg, the special needs, the ill the young and the weak
Some even worse off than me, I get high on the feeling it give me
Although I tried to climb that ladder, ultimately I had no power
but with these people I feel tall, I'm not so weird afterall
I flaunt my boyfriend, good sized flat, my rewarding hobbies, my loyal cat
I hold on to the secure warmth of weirdos, otakus, aspies, duds
As awfully selfish as I sound, I feel successful when they're around
aswell as friendship I have found a way to remind myself I'm still sound
The pain of pulling my unsteady limbs up the hierarchical mound
left me bitter, choked on scorn, sore from bruises; I gave up
It took until my 16th year to get the message loud and clear
I know where I stand, burrowed in the warm soil of the underground.

PS, as we dig, your mountain's gonna topple down!!!
Remember loser kids, you will be your bully's boss one day.

— The End —