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Mattrick Patrick Mar 2015
Beyond all boundaries, internal and external, we reach for the stars.
Alternative paradigm, paradise distributed, consciousness applied.

So alien, it seems, to be a believer in the power of human will.
The balance of forces, a mastery of the terrestrial realm, not its capital,
but its land, environment. Econ, Eco, eco-nomy, marx missed.
George, progress and poverty, all the money you make will never buy back
your soul. Your kingdom, question the system, change your values!

Ecoculture, biodomes, organic farming, zero point energy.
Ecoculture, biodomes, organic farming, zero point energy.

Every stretch, every connection, closer to perfection.
Unfit for human consumption, sporadic.  Disss

Peace and prosperity to the world, live long and love well.
Acceptance and appreciation, Agape, education, economic democracy
cosmic consciousness!
Words have power. For  Leonard Nimoy
Francie Lynch Feb 2015
Kirk was a flirt.
Bones could clone.
Scotty liked scotch.
Chekov goofed off.
Sulu, he flew.
Uhura went further.
Chapel would coddle.
Thanks for the memories.
Uhura and Kirk shared the first inter-racial kiss ever on TV.
Scotty was from my home town. Met him long after the show went off the air.
So, Mr Nimoy,
Your time has finally come,
Your long and prosperous life is done,
And now your being typecast in a better place.
Nomore will you voyage through space,
Or sing those silly songs on youtube.
It was always your tube, Nimoy,
When you paced the bridge of the Enterprise.  
Now you've been beamed up for good,
And your first officer's log is closed.
Obituary poem for Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015).
Today a part of me died .
Today I said goodbye
My core dreams took a blow
Goodbye my friend
Leonard Nimoy

Live long and prosper
When you touch me I don't know how you feel
When you speak I see only what I can't hear
You give your love and I so want it real .

I want to live in your milky way
Hide behind your stars peeping out
Fly through your galaxies with you
Be a super nova when we kiss
And be the speed of light going no where
Sleep under planetary rings next to you
I want to be your universe
You are my cosmos

— The End —