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2 little Whos
in Whoville dream
(while Dr. Seuss
cries, Sam I am!)

The Grinch so big
is such a ****.
(His therapy dog
is Max, a mutt.)

Whence came the Grinch?
His every bone
and every inch
from Halloween Town.  

In love at its simplicity
A love of stitches and bones
A pumpkin king and his queen
A love story so holiday known
Curiosity and intelligence
Risk taking and cautiousness
She sought for her independence
He was persistently adventurous
They were match made opposites
Though likewise they yearned for
Something meaningful outside their grasp
That couldn't be found within their norms
He sang to finish her song
She replied in harmony
A simple duet to simply express
Their love at its simplicity
Pretty girl Jun 2016
I like you - this is not a contest

I'll be the Sally to your Jack
All the things that run through your crazy head
I guess I love you a lot more than I originally planned
You're a criminal with the perfect crime
You stole my heart and consume my mind
I think I've known it from the start
The moment we met
I just knew
I like you
I like you
I like you
But do you like me too
Do I see the glass as half full and you half empty
If I were to say something would it be a painful memory
I don't want to lose your friendship
Cause I'd be losing a piece of me
I like you
I like you
Am I enough
Why is admitting to it so tough
Trying to live without my happiness would be rough
Like the torn up notebook I wrote your name on as many times as I could
Be mine just say that you would
I like you
The way a girlfriend should
The way you comb your hair
Your mischievous smile
Bright eyes and ears that stick out a tad too much
The way you eat your lunch
Maybe it's the vibes you're sending my way
Let's be together and get old and gray
Now I know I don't stand a chance but I'm going to like you anyway

— The End —