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Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
Above all monsters that linger in the dark.
Love is one that can take many shapes and forms.
A tug of the bed spread or the seal of closet doors.
No matter how tight they are pressed.
Still it finds a way to seep through.
Waiting to take you by the arm the very moment your eyes start to close.
Reminding you of that one thought you keep suppressed of all things.
Keeping you awake for just a moment longer.
Eyes that long for a deep sleep.
Peering over a sea of fabric.
The ***** of an arrow digging into an unexpected feeling.
Climbing from beneath the bed or the crack of the closet.

Reminding you of the thing you somewhat regret. With the one person you can't seem to stop thinking about.
That cupid, appearing with a sly grin.
Dressed as the boogie man, blending into shadows, dark red loafers.
Just as your moseying off to sleep.
There he stands, squaring his shoulders.
Remembering all the late night trips you took to the fridge.
Who would have took cupid as a gymnast. Hiding here or there.
Or a health nut that despises anything outside of strawberry hearts
FrostedMustang Jan 2016
I’m in no shape to love
give love
take love
make love
so I will go out with friends
and have just one more
ok two
ok six
say hello to that guy in the hat
that guy with the beard
that guy with blue eyes
like yours
endless skies
and I’ll have one more
to forget
where I parked
take a ride home
take a ride at home
make a mistake
make it again
wake up ashamed
wondering if you would do the same
knowing you already have
given love
taken love
made love
I’m in no shape to love


— The End —