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Austin James Jan 2020
No tears seem to express.
No words seem to explain.
My heart has sunken into my gut
As the world is hooded with pain.  

A jack of many trades.
A master of them all.
An artist in the greatest form
Whose paintbrush was a ball.

This life makes little sense.
Souls taken far too soon.
We must cherish the ones we love
Because our time, we cannot choose.

The Mamba lives forever,
In the hearts of old and young.
The hope you gave to many
Will be shared for years to come.

The memories will never fade.
Your legacy will live on.
A hero of the game we love,
But a legend far beyond.
My heart is broken and I wrote this. The only thing I could think to do was to share it because so many people are feeling the way I'm feeling right now. Lost. Confused. Sad. Angry. But we have to remember that we are stronger in numbers and we're all grieving together so I hope ya'll enjoy this.

RIP Kobe and Gigi. You will be sincerely missed.
Logan Robertson Jul 2019
Where Phil's ship set sails
With the biggest whales
His legend has tales
And he spouts no fails
In the depth of nails
His hammer has gales
With winding winds of hales
He keeps to his trails
Leaving quests that impales
Five consecutive NBA finals scales
With LeBron and Leonard's pails
He fetches more water to rescales
With Lakers, his thirst now flails
Bringing hope his ship prevails

Logan Robertson

The Lakers brought in forner assistant coach Phil Handy from the NBA champions Toronto. One there is hope he brings in a winning  mindset, one that's contagious, especially ferreting out the best in his players. Two there is hope LeBron's drive is fueled. With five consecutive NBA finals appearances with Cleveland and Toronto he certainly has a good track record and foundation to build on with the Lakers.
Logan Robertson Apr 2019
six seasons awash
another spring *******
bus streaking playground

Logan Robertson

To say that the LA Lakers of the NBA is in a crisis is an understatement. Six years of no rain. Or sunshine. Six consecutive years of unhappy faces of fans enduring one bus short of a barn. No playoff appearances, nothing, but a bus being stripped of its parts. When you look at the Lakers then, when the father (Jerry Buss) ran the franchise, and now it's hard not to refute that the current Buss' (six siblings that have 66% ownership of the Lakers), led by Jeanie are a bunch of toy clones of the father. Since the father died in 2013 the Lakers management has been tinkering not thinking.
Justin Zheng Jan 2019
are you a small baller?
one who hides, meek, in the shadow of his own father?
who's ambitions is controlled by none other?
than the king known as LaVar Baller?
no small ballers tonight

— The End —