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Justin Petermann Apr 2018
The lights are bright
The big boys have come out to play
The Brow will flex his might
The Beard will ruin your day
The Baby Dinosaurs seek to change perception
While the greens look for an immaculate deception
The Young prince is poised to reassess
While The joker will complete the process
Forget about hickory town at your peril
The Flash looks to prove that he aint sterile
The magic men look to climb to the peak
Don't you dare take your eyes off The Freak

The Chef will be back
The enforcer will not crack
Rip city looks for the soft touch
The stat Padder needs to prove that he's clutch
In the land of the lakes there's A KAT with unprecedented power
I dare you to step up and challenge the Steifel Tower

With all that being said
The time to rest has been put to bed
For in this majestic tussle to win that ring
You still need to come and see the King
With the NBA Playoffs getting underway i thought i would write a poem about it... enjoy
Justin Petermann Apr 2018
In the lonely forest you may fall down
Not a soul will be there to see or hear you
The cold hard ground will chill you to the core
The grubs may crawl through you
And the hurt will take over
If no one is there to see you fall
Is standing up truly worth it?
No, maybe not.

You look up into the sky and wonder
Why am I like this?
Why has the world forgotten about me?
Will I ever be more than I've ever been?
You close your eyes
The tears are brisk
The shine makes your eyes look beautiful
You force a smile
You lift your body off the floor
Your strength wavers but its not gone
Something deep inside brews
Is it a storm?
Is it a rainbow?
Is it a call to carry on?

The answer is of no relevance
Your body without your consent has already risen
Your mind has given in but your soul refuses
You look back on the spot where you allowed yourself to fall
You turn away and walk on with a smile
A triumphant fist finds itself piercing the sky
You have no more questions
Only reason
You realize that maybe just maybe
We are who we are
My first entry on Hello Poetry.... Hope you like it

— The End —