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Anne J Oct 2018
Mistreatment, abandonment, corruption, exploitation,
Things that have been done, without any explanation.
Blue down the face, red down the brain,
Creating a purple, pleasurable feeling, of cruelty in perverted vain.
Yet the pleasure is reversed, for it was just an excuse,
For the deepest excuse that came from the most purple bruise.
I made this sophomore year. I believe I made the word "purchistic" up, and, no, I have no idea what purchistic means. Judging by the repeating "pleasure" wordplay, I think it was a combination of "purple" and "masochistic".
Shawn D Smith Mar 2016
I am a nice guy. why? I guess the trauma I have endured, made me a bit passive? To much destruction and discord. I live at a distance. Yet I'm still observant
especially of individuals and their ideas. Without being directly involved to understand them, their words are still clear. I won't approach you or become close with you, because I have a prejudice and preconceptions, rationalized by my fear. My family and friends seem to be the only ones, I can trust. However those who I love, have had their own selfish aspirations fueled, by their lust. I put others before myself. Their needs seem to be more important than mine. I come secondary in my own life. I wear my heart on my sleeve, so its vulnerable to attacks. I don't trust those who say they have my back.
I will give everything I have, just to get the one who I love to stay, but its my love that makes them stay away. I'm a very forgiving person, and at times a horrible judge of character. My vision becomes narrow, I only see the good in others. I got taken advantage of, and I went through many hardships, because I have a personality that brings people to me inspiring friendship. If I could, I would no longer like to be, the nice guy. They say don't change! remain the nice guy why?
Dawn Richardson Jan 2016
Drive over me with studded tires,
Drain my tank until I sputter and die.
Your salt eats at my chassis,
Creating large jagged holes in my coat of steel.
You spin out gravel toward my windshield.
Crack! You’ve dinged me yet again.
When will I ever learn?
Probably never.
My brake lines are dripping,
I absolutely cannot stop this madness.
You drove me hard and put me up wet.
My headlights used to beam,
Now I am a one-lighted wonder,
Thanks to you, northern punk junk.
Watch this tail-light high-tail it on out of here.

Your like her pet but instead of her giving you treats,
She beats you,
Then rewards you for letting her.
Peter Tanner Feb 2015
I am a man, this is so
I am tall, I am broad
I am seen as untouchable,
immune to hurt
This is not true
Under the muscle
Under the broad shoulders of this man
there sits a sensitive heart
It sits there unrecognized by many
Many that do not know,
that what they say hurts
"It will just glance off him" they think
But in truth, it strikes to the very core
They do not know of my tear stained pillow
They do not know of my heartbreak,
The isolation that welcomes me
They think they know me but they don't
They do not really know my manly but *sensitive heart
There are those who are sensitive but nobody knows, even those closest to them. Try to be kind to all those who you are in contact with for who knows. They may be sensitive, when nobody else knows.
lexiberi May 2014
Loving you is like wrestling with the horns of a bull
A modern Hercules and Achelous love story
Sneaking up behind me and grabbing my neck
Bruises scattered across my body by your rough hands
All apologies, no action
A chain reaction of mistreatment
Always coming back to me, begging for more
Then hostility
Without showing responsibility

— The End —