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s a m Aug 8
Remember when you told me to stop? 
That night I cursed the stars to drop 
which made my life burned out and flop 
having myself to feel the pain nonstop. 
But time went by, I learned to adapt 
the feeling of sadness to make a start 
of growing again after years of drought. 
Thankfully, there's rain helping me to sprout.
You can take a break to compose yourself from everything that had happened. But don't ever stop because you might get yourself a life without living. So be sure to get back up.

POEMS OF THE RAIN, Copyright © 2020
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Zoeyy Starr Apr 2015
Im the high class ***** will all the sass,
Your the low class ***** with all the trash, Don't mess with me or I'll kick your ***(;
Zoeyy Starr Apr 2015
Why did you hurt me
I thought we were in love
I guess we didn't fit well.....
Like a glove, I love you still..
I always will, I'll be here for you
Will you be here to?
I'll be watching over you..
Just like your mama told me to,
I'd never let anything bad happen to you...
Well cause I love you boo<3
Robert Varblow Mar 2015
I Should Have Known Better

I Want to Tell You
You've Really Got a Hold On Me

If I Needed Someone
Baby It's You
No titles changed or punctuation added
Robert Varblow Mar 2015
Come Together
Oh! Darling
All You Need Is Love
No song titles changed or punctuation added

— The End —