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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
The First Christmas
by Michael R. Burch

’Twas in a land so long ago . . .
the lambs lay blanketed in snow
and little children everywhere
sat and watched warm embers glow
and dreamed (of what, we do not know).

And THEN—a star appeared on high,
The brightest man had ever seen!
It made the children whisper low
in puzzled awe (what did it mean?).
It made the wooly lambkins cry.

Not far away a new-born lay,
warm-blanketed in straw and hay,
a lowly manger for his crib.
The cattle mooed, distraught and low,
to see the child. They did not know

it now was Christmas day!

Keywords/Tags: Christmas, day, lambs, star, children, baby, Jesus, manger, crib, cattle, oxen, straw, hay, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, Bethlehem
Poetress2 Jan 2019
A woman on a Donkey,
her Husband by her side;
Would soon bare a son,
who would one day save their lives.
They entered a small town,
seeking shelter at an Inn;
Yet there wasn't any room,
for this Babe who'd forgive sins.
The labor pains grew worse,
then the ones she'd felt before;
To a Manger they were led,
where she gave birth on the floor.
They gazed upon their child,
wrapped in swaddling clothes;
They knew He was the Christ,
for an Angel told them so.
God became a man,
the moment Christ was born;
What a blessed day that was,
what a glorious, new Morn.
His parents loved this child,
they did the best they could;
They watched Him as He played,
they watched Him nailed to wood.
They saw Him in the Manger,
they saw Him on that tree;
They both lived for their Son,
He lived to set them free.

— The End —