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This is Malika:
A queen, whose jingling beads charm kings to stoop,
And beauty intoxicates men to stupor.
That even men of muse ponder upon her mute
And how her smile drives the clouds and her voice calms the winds.

The star that does not leave my sky,
even in the darkest of nights.
With brilliancy like that of the rising sun;
Whose ray of love has blurred my vision:
All I see is beauty upon beauty and light upon light.

The peacock of birds who walks in beauty and humility
That no eyes can see, but mine.
A cure for the soul that brings the heart to its senses.

This is my Malika and I am her Malik.

©By Abdulmalik Jibril
Malika is an Arabic word which means Queen, while Malik is the masculine gender which means King.
Tristan Mar 2015
Do NOT tell someone who is upset about Zayn leaving One Direction that they need to "Calm down", or "Get over it"
Everyone is entitled to be upset over anything they want, and this is one of them.
Five years of five guys being together, and whether or not you liked them since day one, or you started liking them a day ago,
You have the right to be sad about this.
Imagine your favorite band member leaving the band they were in.
No more posters with them on it,
No more shirts,
No more award shows,
No more ZaynMalik1D on twitter.
Let us be sad.
I am so upset over this and no matter how many times you tell me to shut up and move on, I will still be upset.

— The End —