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Jocelyn Nov 2020
No more hesitation,
I do what's best for me.
That's the end of the equation.

No longer will I be a supporting lead.
I'll become the main character in my life,
and finally start to see.
And just stop giving you the knife.
Butterfly Feb 2020
In life you're the main character.
The main character doesn't die.
Unless you're a anime called banana fish.
That's show hits different ****.
Anyway, I don't like this poem at all, bc it sounds like an pinterest quote but I gotta come up with something.-.
Secret May 2019
The main character
She's so lovable and nice
Nobody hates her
except for the villains
Those mean
Those villains that she destroys each episode
Those villains she made everyone hate
Those villains that nobody likes
Well, some people do.
The people that 'look into things'
Those **** people
They say she's abusing her power
That she's using people for her own wants
That she only cares about reputation
They're wrong.
They just don't understand her!
She had such a bad past.
Everyone hated her, but she proved people wrong!
Anything bad she's ever done is because of those people
Those people that hated her.
Those people that watched her suffer.
Her actions are always justified.
She's the main the character,
and everyone loves the main character.
Been wanting to do something like this for some time! I'm glad with how it turned out :D

— The End —