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Secret May 2019
The main character
She's so lovable and nice
Nobody hates her
except for the villains
Those mean
Those villains that she destroys each episode
Those villains she made everyone hate
Those villains that nobody likes
Well, some people do.
The people that 'look into things'
Those **** people
They say she's abusing her power
That she's using people for her own wants
That she only cares about reputation
They're wrong.
They just don't understand her!
She had such a bad past.
Everyone hated her, but she proved people wrong!
Anything bad she's ever done is because of those people
Those people that hated her.
Those people that watched her suffer.
Her actions are always justified.
She's the main the character,
and everyone loves the main character.
Been wanting to do something like this for some time! I'm glad with how it turned out :D
Elise Jackson Nov 2017
two sides
black and white
day and night

there's always the hidden third
but we rarely talk about him

he's quiet
there to give us the truth
but what references does he have

what proof does he have

but what proof do we even have

we are always forced to follow one or the other
but when do we ever consider the third side

who is not the truth
but the realization that a lot of things are wrong
and we only point them out to each other when
it is relevant to the failure of others
Ann M Johnson Apr 2017
When heroes are perceived as villains and villains are considered heroes our perception is skewed
Once too many lines are crossed and boundaries are removed. Then cauos ensues and is thus free to rule.Would this even be displayed on the 6 o clock news?
Or would it just be considered necessary collateral damage?
Who would still be left to calculate the final cost on all of us?
I recently watched a movie at a friends house in which the villains were precented as the good guys. That got me to thinking and writing this as a result. I would appreciate your feedback on this poem, my friends. Thank you for taking the time to read this poem.
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
Riddle me this,
Riddle me that,
I have a riddle,
Just for you.

Can you answer it?
If you get it right,
I'll let you go,
If not, well there'll be a price.

You see,
I love riddles,
And I've always gotten it right,
Let see if you'll get it right:*

I travel by the moon and stars,
I can't abide the sun,
But banish me with a torchlight,
You'll see me turn and run.

What am I?
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
Screams echoes in my head
Like music in my ears
People running in terror
Like people dancing in my eyes

My name sends shivers in my enemies eyes
No one ever try to stop me
Only one certain Bat ruined my experiments
What harm is there to enjoy fear?

My name is Scarecrow
I strike fear into every men and woman
I don't need anyone to help me
I'm a villain and everyone should fear me
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
You wanna hurt Mistah J?
Sorry bozo but you'll have to go through me first
You'll never lay a finger on him

My name?
Not tellin' ya until you play my game
If ya win, then I'll tell you
If ya lose, lets say that there's going to be a mess

Mistah J is my puddin'
You wont ruin his fun
Not while I'm around
Sorry if I spoiled your fun

Guess you lost, but I'll tell you my name
My name is Harley Quinn
Hannah Gaines Apr 2016
Purple and Green
Laughter echoing the halls
Cards everywhere on the floor
Who could have done this?

A lunatic is on the loose
Bodies drop to the floor
I'm the only one standing
My smile grew more and more

The man in front of me grabbed a knife
He slowly walks to me
my heart started to pound
His voice sounded like a lunatic would sound

"Why so serious? Lets put a smile on that face"
I grabbed my hammer
The only thought that crossed my mind is
I will always smile for you Joker
Vamsi Adarsh Nov 2015
Good cannot exist without Bad,
No Light without Darkness,

Says the learned, Bull ** I say,
Human Justification all that is,

Good is absence of Bad,
Not the counteracting force,
Not the Balancing Parameter

True Good is a hard find,
You know why ?

Good cannot be Glorified without Bad,
Good cannot be Immortalised without Bad,

A Good that needs Glory,
is Never Good.
Yasmine Oct 2014
A villain
In all of us
An evil
In the best of us
A greed
That lurks within
A demon
That commits the sin
An anger
Thrown and hurled
A hatred
Against the world
A monster
Unleashed to fight
A darkness
That drowns out the light
But something, a flicker, a flame
Something, a spark, a name
A light
That outshines the dark
A warrior
Valiant in heart
A love
That we give away
A joy
When we save the day
An angel
Makes the better choice
A saviour  
When we use our voice
A winner
Is the best of us
A hero
In all of us
There's a hero in all of us. Sure we all make mistakes and wrong choices, but there's good in everyone, even if you don't see it in yourself. :)
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