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You can
Though, no
Randy Johnson Feb 2019
I have a son who is so stupid that I want to give him a slap.
He wanted hushpuppies and I said "We got no time for that crap!"
I'm Buford T. Justice and I'm a bubblegum machine.
I'm the best sheriff that the state of Texas has ever seen.
I've been chasing a man who calls himself the Bandit.
He frustrates me so **** much that I can't stand it.
I've tried and tried but he's somebody who I can't catch.
He drives 110 miles per hour, I've finally met my match.
When I starred in the 3rd Bandit movie, the Bandit turned out to be fake.
My idiotic son and I will catch the real Bandit no matter what it takes.
Marco Benitez Mar 2018
You stole my attention since the first time I saw you.
You stole my breath once you started talking to me.
Your charm managed to wound me up.
Even when this toy had lost its batteries.

This bandit has stolen all of my being.

You are magnetizing,
I can't get myself to look away from you
A simple gaze at you melts all of the ice that gathers around my heart.

Your presence is bittersweet
When your eyes are on me, all of my body becomes your puppet, and I stay motionless.
My eyes, to scared of leaving yours, and too scared to keep looking at them.
I crave and dread your gaze.

When you get close, I can feel the warm of your body.
It relaxes my muscles and calms my mind.
Be that as it may, you sometimes come closer than what I expect
The sudden surprise of heat shocks me into place
With your body close to mine,
My skin starts to shiver
You break through my house of confidence,
Weaken all of my defenses,
And steal my heart right out of me

I love your personality.
A personality I can relate to even though it is far more admirable than mine.

You have beauty
Not only in your magnetic looks
But in your perseverance and humanity
It gives you a strength beyond physical

You have taken my admiration with you.

I love your voice,
A melody of its own.

The simphony reaches my ears,
And they ask for more.

I love your interests .
There is always something to learn from you
Not once have I gotten bored.

I love your smile.
The way it stretches across your face,
It shines more than just light within every laugh.

I love your flaws
They remind me you are human
Despite the perfection you have reached

You have robbed my bank of words
The sugar sweet phrases I had never used
Now exist in your box of memories

I love this magnificent thief

He has taken my heart...

And I don't mind if he keeps it for a while
Is this what it's like to fall in love?
emblazoned on the gang's coat of arms
was the following logo
we fight without any principles
for we are of the very low

***** tactic achieve our ends
and we take pride
in the way we trample all over
the much politer tends

stray not into the areas
that we patrol and control
as our thuggery will
hammer a robust toll

our triumphs are legendary
across many a land
we've a history in employing
the grubbiest hand

one qualification which is essential
when joining our accord
that's to be a bandit capable
of playing the foul sword
Kevin Eli Sep 2014
Bad like a habit, we had to have it, I can't stand it, it's just like gold to a bandit.
Well you take, what you get, when you do what you do.
It's okay, I won't give up on you.
Don't you fret, bout the mess, you don't have to wear armor.
No more, no more my amour.


And when all is said and done, and we are both long gone,
Lord knows you were the only one.
And when all is said, then undone, fights we lost, or we won.
They'll know we just liked having fun playing with guns.
Playing with guns.

Put it down, pick it up, breathe again, take a plunge.
Holes in these eyes, and this skin, I see you naked, now don't give in.
And you fell how you fell, I understand that you feel down.
Freedom and prison don't mix very well, do they now?


And when all is said then done, and we are both long gone,
I can't wait to see what we become.
Old souls, ghosts or angels, supernova-omegas.
They knew we just liked having fun playing with guns.
Making big bangs playing with guns.

Having fun playing with guns,
We're just having fun playing with guns.
Having fun playing with guns,
I know we're not the only ones.
In memory of Lacey Weitz, the love of my life. 02/26/90 - 03/25/16. Rest In Peace my angel..
Miranda Renea Jan 2016
She had no fear of God;
Painting smiles on park
Benches, she'd chip wise,
Wistful words into wood.
Or perhaps she'd write
In the street with chalk;
And straddle the lines,
Waiting for when fate
Would come rumbling by.

— The End —