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Ironic is what we live
When do you see this so call light
How is this not hell
We go through hella pain and hurt
Still have to attend our regular routine
Oh don’t attend your routine
That deep hole you’re in
Only gets deeper and deeper
Expected to bend yourself backwards
Who’s there to help you straighten yourself back
No one !
Now you’re stuck with this pain
A pain that never goes away
Half way out that hole
Guess what *** some **** popped up
Now you’re in that hole 2x deeper
Be positive tho have faith
Now you’re half way out
Oops back in 3x more
Smile, there soon to be light
26 years later, the record don’t work
Francie Lynch Apr 2015
I'm exiting an off ramp
On this cloverleaf;
On a divided highway,
Moving west to east.
Across the ditch
They steer towards
What I did from the east.
If I do a U-Turn now
The predicament's the same;
There's no luck on
This cloverleaf,
It's driving me insane.
The circle of life.
From babe's first cry
To happy hour
From beauty of life
Turning sour


There must be more
Hidden away
Searching for something
Starting to stray

Anticipation of a first kiss
Expectations of the welcomed bliss


Entering the work force

Bells tolling
Announcing a union between lovers

Creating a new being
Out of thin air
Only to bring them
Into a world of despair

Growing old and gray
Watching children stray

Seeing them struggle
And internally scream
Powerless to help
Nightmares from a dream

Is this all there is
There has to be more
My life has to mean something

Waves crash to the shore
Stranded out at sea
I look around and find
There is no solace for
What's left of my mind

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I fade to nothing
As iron turns to rust

Filled picnic basket
Deep sunken casket

But what I want to know is this
*When does the line
Between life
And between death
Become more than fine

— The End —