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Erik Luo Dec 2019
A leafless tree
Standing bare and still
In the cold wind
Watching life pass through

It is cold
or sad
Its branch
Waving like the streams
With every body exposed
under the sky

A leafless tree
Might be naked and free
Over our head
without the rain

And as music play
And people stay

The tree
is overjoyed
to be

What does a leadless tree feel?

To exist
without cloth or warmth

To be naked
as other parties

To brach out
and be seen
to every
creaks and turns

To be known
So bare
To live
So still

But maybe there is beauty

to live as a leafless tree

to let the sun and the moon
touch you without worry or suffering

To let go
and be seen
naked to the bone
and be still
be happy

To listen and watch
as life pass by
as love surrounds you

and be
a leafless tree
in a dream
of nothing but love
silhouetted form were painted
on the sky's azure backdrop
of leafless winter branches
naked in foliage

— The End —