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Jodie-Elaine Jun 2020
God is a hungover slob
who doesn’t wear pants,
I will miss you like a house on fire.
? 2020
AnolikeAkau Jul 2014
Wonderfully Amazing
Outstanding Person
Impossible to live without
Everything I've ever wanted in a friend
I just thought you should know what I think your name means <3
Camila Jun 2014
I forgot to consider every option.
I've been so worried about not walking away that I forgot you had feet too.
This feels so bittersweet.
I'm so proud of you for doing what you want, for growing up and takin chances, and yet I get selfish, and I want you to stay, right here, where my dreams will be made.
What hurts the most is that I'm losing what I never had, and you getting on that airplane is a definite goodbye.
I somehow didnt think that could happen, he is also 25, he is also starting his career and chasing goals, and just like my best shot is here (his hometown), his best shot is across the country.

— The End —