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rosy solo Sep 2020
panting for air,
running to nowhere

out of breath,
still trying to dig what's underneath

what's left is longing,
a soul seeking,
a mind wandering
let hearts be hurting

after the sorrow and tears
laying down walls and fears

let the fragile heart break
let the shakeable shake
no more trails of fake and ache

wait 'til the void opens
the emptiness awakens

beauty in nothing,
space for new fillings
throwing what's rotting

no longer chasing
finally, resting and stopping
It's okay to pause. It's okay to find yourself. It's okay to be real and raw. In the emptiness, we can start over again.
Nick Acosta Apr 2019
We are constantly cutting
Through negativity

It’s easy when we’re nice and sharp
But even the sharpest blade is bound to dull
Making life harder to cut through

Hardships get harder
Negativity gets more negative
reality gets real

Until eventually we can no longer cut
We feel useless
But there’s hope

When you oil a machine
Sharpen a blade
It doesn’t make it new again
But it makes it much better
Much sharper
Comparable to when it was new

Much like a machine if you take care of yourself you can go much longer
Make life worth living
Sharpen the blade that is your life
It’s okay to be dull
It’s okay not to be okay
Nick Acosta Apr 2019
I see you
In pain
Dying from the inside out

I run to help
Hug you
Give you assurance
Take your pain away

However there’s an obstacle
Something stopping me
Not physical
But it holds the defensive power comparable to the Great Wall of China

I’m the Persian invaders
You’re the Spartans guarding your home

But unlike the Persians
I bring you no harm
I bring the opposite
I bring you help

Take my ears
No thank you
No payment required

I’ll give you resources
I’ll give you help
I’ll give you hope

The only thing I ask for in return
Is that you stay when you no longer need me

— The End —