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Lyla Sep 29
Don’t think now
Don’t delve into your mind
Don’t even try.

But there’s so much to think about

You know what happens
When you get to know yourself
You remember
The problems
They get bigger the more you think of them
Just stop

How can they not
SAT’s, college
Work, homework
Should I keep this class
Don’t even get me started on my friendships
Who’s the real one
Would they even notice if I was gone
Would anyone’s world come crashing-

You’ve gotta stop.

I can’t
And my dad
He doesn’t have a job
I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks
I miss him

Stop, just watch an episode
Forget about yourself
For a little while

Okay...that sounds okay


But I’m sad...

Holly M Oct 2018
I’ve lived my life in the pursuit of the truth,
(You can’t handle the truth.)
Constantly looking for an ounce of proof
To confirm my narrative.
(****, you’d be a good politician-
If only you had the stomach for it.)

I’ve lived my life inside my head
(Tell me about this place you live-
Is the space a shoebox or ******* massive?)
Fighting my corner until my knuckles bled.
(Your knuckles bled, eh?
Surprised you put in that much effort.)

I’ve lived my life trying to be right
Because to be anything else
Is unacceptable
And frankly, it is not in my blood.
(Oh, sweetheart, there are a lot of things
That are not in your blood.
If only you knew-)

I’ve ignored so much
In pursuit of the truth,
In pursuit of my truth.
I’ve walked with my eyes and ears closed
Assuming that the cars would miss me
If I wander too far to the left.
A lot of the time my pursuits fail,
But a lot of the time I am successful.
This time, I have read all the books
And my senses are opened.
So please tell me, how come
When I’m proven right,
When I’ve gotten what I wanted,
It cuts me just as deep as when I’m wrong?

(You seek the truth,
But you do not truly seek it.
You seek the easy truth,
The convenient truth.
But sometimes, that truth does not exist
And you must brace yourself for that.
You are capable of that,
For you are stronger than you realize.
To hurt is not to be wrong,
It is to be human,
To feel,
To be alive
And be aware of the fact-
Not such a bad thing to be,
If you ask me.)
WordsOnly Jan 2018
WHAT the heck is going on with you, not able to make use of yourself of others, just totally hollow, you are off your rocker, not even knowing what to do with YOURSELF, that's foolish!
So? What do you want to do now? To get angry with yourself, to swallow down, to kick into the air, the usual stuff?
Somehow despicable, don't you think? Ridiculous, by no means at all as you want to be, right?
You know what? Its up to YOU!
Exactly.... a bit slow on the uptake?
Snizzlefish Jun 2017
"She didn't mean anything."

She wasn't supposed to,
but I was...

— The End —