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her entries Oct 11
Sometimes, life gets too loud.
It makes me feel like an empty soul;
filled by pools of people and drowned by waves of noises.
Walking back and forth, without knowing the right direction.
My own voice seems to be muffled along the way;
Just like a broken record, its vote couldn't be heard clearly.
Sometimes, life gets too loud.
I choose the mute option.
Perhaps, I just craving for a moment of silence.
  Oct 10 her entries
I learned
to plant the seeds
of happiness.
There are flowers
where the scars
used to be.

her entries Jul 4
It’s been way too long
since I sit in the silence
with the morning sky.

Mellow blues,
with streaks of pink.
Fluffy clouds,
Rosy hue.

Every painted sky is indeed
a canvas of Your grace.
This endless canvas reminds me
of Your endless love,
eternal promises of Yours.

Every single time when I look up,
It reminds me how many times I failed you.
And yet, you hold my hands,
call my name,
And say, “Come home.”
morning silence with Him.
her entries Jul 3
When I started loving you,
I thought I figured out what love is.

I thought we would co-write our love story,
documenting our love adventures in every chapter.  
Walking down the aisle is the written finale.
Happily ever after would be the epilogue.

But things changed ever since you left.
I was desperately seeking for signs to
stop thinking of you.
But somehow everything reminds me of you.

Couldn't stop scrolling my phone,
Couldn't help but to think
the phone call,
the text messages,
would it be you?
her entries Jun 30
When I started loving you,
I thought I figure out what love is.

The first date we had.
The white dress I wore.
The necklace you bought.
With the initial of yours.

When I started loving you,
I thought I figure out what love is.

But not until you left,
ripping the fabrics of my life,
leaving me at our favourite place,
leaving me alone,

With you no longer by my side.

To be continued...
  Jun 27 her entries
joel hansen
You saw me smile
I hid my pain
You heard me laugh
The tears you never saw
You held me tight
You never knew i wanted to run
You watched me sleep
You never saw the nightmares
You heard me sing
The anger you never felt
You thought i was happy
How wrong you were
You never knew
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