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A starting - a beginning
A creation fresh and new
This is called incipience
And it all begins with you

For you create the blueprint
Or the pattern in your mind
Incipient seeds of thought
Make a world that you design

Every dawn in silence holds
Wondrous incipient worlds
You decide by choice and work
Which scenes will be unfurled

Watch a tiny seed - in faith
Grow plant and flower and fruit
Wealth must start incipiently
The “Harvest Law” is absolute

So think about incipience
Plant seeds that bring you cheer
Sow only what you want in life
And your prosperity will appear
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This poem explores a word that you may not have heard before. incipience. noun. The act or process of bringing or being brought into existence: beginning, commencement, inauguration, inception, incipiency, initiation, launch, leadoff, opening, origination, start.

Incipience is very important. You can't bring something into existence without it..!

— The End —