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Risa Njoroge Jun 2019
I looked up and there was a Greek god,
Standing behind the glass door,
My heart nearly stopped,
As he walked towards this marble desk,
I tried to speak but there were no words left,
Betrayed by my tongue is how I felt.

He looks just like Poseidon,
Standing there drenched in his own sweat,
I might need to ***** my brain back on,
Because right now we are by the water shore,
Holding hands and counting stars,
Suddenly I see life and its full of color,

My thoughts are scattered,
In me he has stirred a hurricane,
I imagine he has a beautiful name,
One fit for a god looking face,
He has me feeling like I am in a fast paced race
I might need a pacemaker if I keep up with this gaze,

My wondering mind stays on the water shore,
Kissing,dancing and commanding the sea,
In our Hawaiian shirts, flip flops and white shorts,
My big flowy hat and his three pointed trident,
My mind has hidden treasure,
A thousand thoughts of guilty pleasures!
Thank you for stopping by!
The oyster whispers echo
within its own silent shell
Its utters of longing
sought to bejewel
a pearl's essence,
as an ocean's murmur
heaves within its shuck

Some might call it lightly
fragile hope;
a fleck of light in dark

Or just a dream
of an unspoken grain of sand,
a diamond in the rough

someone you used to know ...June 2017

— The End —