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kelly jane Apr 2018
Shy alone in my corner
Timidly I observe your move
Hoping for your glance
With the wind for company
My heart fades at every bit of your leaving steps
I hope you stay
And be my courage
Held my hand and be my strength
Starring at your glowing eyes
I wish to be in your armes
And let go the lonely cloud.
Your mind is leaving
But I'll held tied to your heart
Till you stay and be mind
If you asked me to tell
where the ceiling ends and
the walls begin,
I wouldn’t be able to tell you.
When I think about you
everything blurs into black
like an unkindness of ravens.
And I—
You are
the only thing that ever
crosses my mind as soon as
dusk turns into night,
and I could never tell you why.
I like to think that
just as birds know when to fly
and time knows when to die,
I was meant to love you.
When you are too afraid to tell someone "I love you" so you write a poem that dances around the subject

— The End —