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TJ Radcliffe Jan 21
The rain is falling down the winter sky
the fog is wrapped like moss around the house
a fire is burning in the stove and I
am curled up in my hole, an elder mouse
who's seen the wars and lived to tell the tale
who's belled the cat and stolen all the cheese
who's climbed the stair and slid down on the rail
who's lived through summer's heat and autumn's freeze.
That is the past, for now the days are warm
even in this winter-time of life
although I'd take the snows to rainy storms,
for burrowing beneath avoids the strife
of dodging hawks and cats, and also owls
but in the sky the future softly growls.
Nathalie Dec 2018
A medley of lyrics
live in each heart
Some are beautifully rehearsed
or shared with passion
yet some are never heard
or even forgotten.

Words, poetic verses live inside
each and every one of us
Sometimes it takes someone
to come along and turn a key
to unlock the wonderful flux
and flow of sentiments.

A lover's soul never sleeps
It dreams awake and lives
a life of adventure and love
It glows with delight
and surrenders to it's beating
drum, creating with fanciful flare.

Christopher Sep 2014
Enraptured in divine embrace
Two lovers on the precipice.
Cast outward from on high
Seeing nothing but love in their eye
Through the clouds they fell and tumbled
In true content their two hearts rumbled

Passion flourished in the sky
Momentary lightning in her eye
A playful taste upon the ear
And drew her lover ever nearer.
Resist not her temptation could he
And so clutched her close in quiet glee.

— The End —