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David Jan 2019
From the first time I saw you,
I've been dazzled in my soul,
you brought the light of truth in my mind,
the hope of a flourishing future
and an everglow of love in my heart.
I no longer felt the sufferings of hell,
but the pleasures of the seventh sky of heaven
and I used to live finally free
from the ignorance and the foolishness of which I was sick.

Everyday is an immense pleasure to talk with you,
your voice fills my heart
and my whole soul with a pure happiness
that words can't touch
and everyday I wait for you to talk to me again,
I wait for the magpie to sing again
and every night, I sit down and I see you,
your sky, your moon, your stars
and the wind that reminds me how big are the time and the space that separate us.
And when leaves roar under your moonlight,
I start to despair, asking to myself if I will ever see you one day,
but if there is a sure thing, if there will ever be another love after this one,
the light that you left inside me will never expire.
Neither wind nor earthquakes nor eruptions will wipe away what you left me,
a dim light, but eternal, with a power that can't belong to this world,
where everything is dust,
where everything flies away,
where everything ends.

Not even when I'll die it will go away,
because love is immortal,
it unites and creates
and you're the proof of it,
everyday I think of you,
everyday I love you.

— The End —