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David Feb 2019
Waking up.
Cannot see.
Ords of skeletons
Guided to hell.
Cain kills Abel.
Pure children of white drenched and torn of red leaviathans.
A whole humanity slashed by blazing blood splattering.
Gatlings trespassing skulls and brains.
Nothing more.
Nothing more.
Young died.
Nothing more.
Nothing more.
Black sky
Drenched-by-venom eyes.
Your flag triturating bodies for metal shards.
I cannot see.
Nothing more.
Nothing more.
This is a poem about war, for my great-grandfather,
He fought in First World War.
Most of the people who survived the War were mutilated or crazy,
My great-grandpa was depressed,
When he came back home with his family
He didn't eat anything anymore and decided to suicide himself in that way, dying slowly.
David Feb 2019
Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I pray for you
Don't go too far
Stop fighting and travel with me, there's no enemy, oh stay

Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I wait for you
Don't go too far
It's not a war field, it's just a field
With mountains and plains

Why do we keep
Fighting when there's no enemy?
Just stay with me,
Just stay with me my baby oh
ll take care of you.

I see a star
I see a star upon our blind heads
We'll never reach
But we can lay and watch it while we love

Why do we have
To move somewhere else?
Isn't it ok?
Isn't it ok to stay here baby?
Nothing over there.

I remember when
I remember when I went too far
Drowned was my heart,
I tried to reach the star but it was far
Further than far

I know there's no choice but staying here
And love whole life
No past, no future, I love you so and
I won't stop

I remember when
I remember when I reached the end
It was so deep,
It was so deep and I had no choice but returning to home.

Now we are together
among the great river
Oh always change
Oh always change, no eternity
So now I love you

Remember you
Remember you trying to reach your dream
And then you fell
You fell down to the deepest hell
But now
We're still here.

And now
I know there's no choice but staying here
And enjoying life
Enjoying life for what it is
With you,
Oh my love.
I made this poem on the Korean traditional song "Arirang",
You can try singing this along with the song, it fits it (I think it sounds better if you search the piano version).

This writing is about knowing that if we believe life is a fight and problems are enemies, life will be full of suffering, because anytime we fail, it's a defeat and we feel useless or unworthy of living.
While if we believe life is a travel and problems are just obstacles, life is much more peaceful.
Thanks to this "trick" I overcame a very bad period near to depression, I think it can be useful for everyone.

Then it's about life having nothing at the end of it but death, it's about living in the present, solving the problems and remorses of the past calmly, trying to find a concrete solution in the present instead of dwelling about the past.
About living the present free from the anxieties of the future, accepting our limits, accepting that reality is transitory, it continuously changes: when we're in a bad period, it will pass, when we're in a happy period, we can enjoy it the most till the day we'll have to say goodbye to it. We have to accept life with its transitory nature I believe.

Also it's about believing everything is pure conscience and that this frees us from existential pain, like the fear of death and loss (from Buddhism, if I understood it well)

Then the lover here is not a specific person, it's anyone: a friend, a mum, a dad..
It's love in general, not a couple.

Sorry for the long text, just wanted to share this, I think it's useless if keep this thing in my phone only lol
Hope you enjoy it :)
David Jan 2019
Like a butterfly that comes out from the cocoon,
you've changed my life,
you taught me how to fly,
you taught me how to watch the world from a different perspective.
I don't crawl on the ground anymore,
but I fly high in the sky,
in the spring wind and your sunbeams that makes my heart warmer.
Thanks to you my life is better
and one day I'll fly to you,
whom, more than anything else, shines of love.
Nabi means Butterfly in Korean
David Jan 2019
I see you crying
because of the dark shadow in me,
but your sorrow is my sorrow
as your happiness is my happiness and
I want to cry too,
I want to cry with you,
trying to comfort you
when it's impossible to
because I am what I am
and I can't change the past,
I can change myself
and I can't do nothing more than staying with you,
hugging you in our tears,
maybe we will cry forever
thinking about how good it would have been
if I really were a better person
as you believed when you chose to stay with me.
I want to watch the sky with you
and give you a star to make you happier,
but I know it's not enough,
I just want to take care of you,
stay in my arms,
I'm always here,
I want to make you feel warm,
singing you a lullaby
because I love you infintely,
there's no love like you,
because your feelings are my feelings,
and your heart is one and dual with mine,
and my biggest dream is to see you fly again one day,
high in the sky,
higher and higher
towards the sun
and there will be
no more tears,
no more shadows,
just the shine in your eyes
to smile again.
I wrote this poem to my ex girlfriend after an argument.
In few words I told her I didn't believe her, but I was angry just because I missed her, always away from me.
David Jan 2019
Everytime I wake up,
I can't believe that you're here and that you know it

Everytime I wake up fast,
to check if everything is like yesterday
or if it was just a dream

it's wonderful to live like this,
to fly in a dream that exists,
down the street from an existing Neverland

when all hatred melts thanks to you,
when walls of separation crumble,
because the heat that you put in my heart warmed them

To escape from prison and to run in a green land of freedom
and this is part of reality

David Jan 2019
Everyday is a race against time,
a battle against despair,
against bad thoughts that come to my mind
about a possible failure,
about the possibility that something prevents me from fulfilling my dream,
but a human without hope gets hurt by himself,
without hope, I would still be tight-lipped,
my mouth wouldn't have told you: "I love you".
I really don't care about what fate wants, about what are the aims of the puppet-masters who stay up there,
whether they are God or Satan,
if they forbid me from fulfilling my dream just to make me suffer,
I won't be stoic again in the presence of fate
but I'll run, I'll struggle, I'll fight until the end,
with the fiery heart and the eye of the tiger.

Everyday I think of you and my heart beats fast,
faster and faster, I can't stop thinking about you,
maybe they'll have to cure me,
because I'm crazy for you,
because the more I look at you, the more you're beautiful,
the more I think of you, the more my heart beats fast,
the more I stay with you, the more I feel complete
and it's hard to move from such a feeling to the cold duty,
but I do it for you, to arrive in time.

Everyday, when my heart calms down,
when the voice can go out and vibrate in my body,
when all around there's nothing but silence
in the center of all of this,
there are only the two of us,
with the certainty of a beautiful future.
This was a poem for my ex girlfriend, when we've just become a couple
I was afraid about how and when we would have been able to meet (we live in different countries very far) about if we could resist all that time, which didn't happen, after two months she broke up with me. It's not easy for everyone to resist for so long
David Jan 2019
From the first time I saw you,
I've been dazzled in my soul,
you brought the light of truth in my mind,
the hope of a flourishing future
and an everglow of love in my heart.
I no longer felt the sufferings of hell,
but the pleasures of the seventh sky of heaven
and I used to live finally free
from the ignorance and the foolishness of which I was sick.

Everyday is an immense pleasure to talk with you,
your voice fills my heart
and my whole soul with a pure happiness
that words can't touch
and everyday I wait for you to talk to me again,
I wait for the magpie to sing again
and every night, I sit down and I see you,
your sky, your moon, your stars
and the wind that reminds me how big are the time and the space that separate us.
And when leaves roar under your moonlight,
I start to despair, asking to myself if I will ever see you one day,
but if there is a sure thing, if there will ever be another love after this one,
the light that you left inside me will never expire.
Neither wind nor earthquakes nor eruptions will wipe away what you left me,
a dim light, but eternal, with a power that can't belong to this world,
where everything is dust,
where everything flies away,
where everything ends.

Not even when I'll die it will go away,
because love is immortal,
it unites and creates
and you're the proof of it,
everyday I think of you,
everyday I love you.

— The End —