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Mark Toney Dec 2019
6/27/2018 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018 - Many people, after only a few minutes of online research, become extremely frustrated with all the different acronyms used in the field of ELT (That's an overall acronym to describe the industry - English Language Teaching). Especially confusing are the various acronyms used to denote initial teacher training programs and certificates. -
Patrick Sugarr Aug 2014
There was this night
  when I was trying to study
Mama came into my room
  with a cup of coffee

As I reached for the cup
  it was as warm as her embrace
made me feel
  like I'm in the safest place

And as I took a sip
  it was bittersweet
reminded me of life
  the trials and success that I would meet

As I finished it
  I knew that I have
all her tender care
  and genuine love

But now that she's far away
  I wish that I would see
my Mama by the door
  and her warm cup of coffee

though i may not say it that often, though we may not be that close, you're my mama -- i love you.
Shylah S Apr 2014
Or, at least what you might think.
Judgement hurts in too many ways to count.

I stand in the local thrift market
looking for trinkets and such with my father.
He came here to look for vintage picture frames,
to put up on our pastel coloured walls.
He brought me to be a translator,
of his broken english.

I see the looks some give him,
but I am proud of my father.
And mad at how our society works.
Looking at my father you think,
he probably only knows his own mother tongue,
no education,
bad manners,
had lived in poverty before.

But you are wrong.

An Italian man sits by this booth,
selling picture frames.
I point and tell my father, and he walks over.

"How much for frames?"

I taught him how to say that well enough.
The Italian man says fluently,
"$40 a piece,"
but behind it you can hear a faint Italian accent.

My father hears this and his face lights up,
and he replies in Italian,
"Great, but can you lower it to $30. For me, man?"

The man seemed shocked to see a dark-skinned man,
speaks such fluent Italian.
The man got up with a smile on his face,
and told my father,
"Man, I was born in Italy, but you speak it better than me,"

My dad laughed.

Next time you see,
a strange man,
struggling with his english,
stop to think,
he might be able to speak to you in,
German. Italian. French. And in a tiny bit of Spanish.
And of course, his mother tongue.
He might have learned the culinary arts,
in a world-renounced school.
He might be able to do anything.
And he might even be a little more impressive,
than you will ever be.

Judgement hurts.
But all it takes is you to stop it.

— The End —