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the innkeeper Aug 2019
That nameless spark
The one that starts in your diaphragm
you think it’s your breath,
but it gets stuck

Heart—taiko beat

But you turned away...

“Didn’t want to start something”
You said

“Smart for you, sad for me”
I said

...Incompatible, I rationalized

What to do now?

Did we dodge a bullet?

Would your woundedness have moved
Through me and left a mark?

Your hesitation has.

“Everyone is complicated”
You told me after you kissed my neck

Do I stay soft?

Stay open?

I didn’t know when you said “everyone”
you meant yourself
Braedon Oct 2018
If only you knew
How much I love you
And all the things that you do
I thought I might as well write a song
So, if something turns out wrong.

Baby you should understand
I want to be that man
Who can also hold your hand
I’ll be your number one fan
I just have one question for you now
Will you be my girl?

Wishing you knew
All the things I’d do
To be with you
In a heartbeat
To be that guy that can be your treat,
to walk next to your feet,
You don’t understand what you’ve done for me
You’ve made me think about things I forgot
I’d be there whether I had to travel by land or sea
Just to spend a day with you is a blessing
No need second guessing
Never can think of words to say
Afraid I’ll say something wrong
Even if it’s just for a song.
I fear losing you
My heart is begging for us
Even if you lose my trust
I’ll love you till the end of times
And I know this isn’t about to rhyme
But just hold on to me.
Well i wrote this for my girlfriend a few months ago and thought i'd share it with the rest of you.
ThatSmile Mar 2018
I love it when you look at me
I love it when you make me shiver
I love it when you smile at me
I love it when you make me smile
I love it when you call me
I love it when you fall asleep
I love it when you wake up
I love it when you say I'm beautiful
I love it when you say I'm good for you
I love every single aspect of us
Even though we aren't an us yet

— The End —