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Amanda Jun 2018
One more sleepless night for me
Haunted by every mistake
I'd rather be in dreams, asleep
My mind forces me to stay awake.

My eyes wide open against my will
The hours tick slowly away
I anxiously wait to drift off
So I won't have to suffer the next day.

My brain races, wonders, explodes
Wandering beast of demise
Meandering along its determined path
Despite loud echoing cries.

Each wretched nightmare I undertake
Is while sleep provides no relief
I lie in silence hoping for
A bit of rest, no matter how breif.

At last, my head breaks free from chains
Dozing, I'm happy I win
Dreams only last for so long
Until the next miserable day can begin.
Sleeplessness is killing me
Gray Jun 2018
I rather be at home in my own bed.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me whispering.)

I like how everyone can be controlled inside my own head.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me speaking.)

I can even pretend to view into my future by 'looking' ahead.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me screaming.)

I really like how i can permanently make sure that i am never again misled.

(When I’m asleep no one can hear me weeping.)

I love being at home in my own bed.
Joyce Jan 2016
Just thinking.
Just dozing.
Thoughts playing.
Time is changing.
Mind is spacing.
Heartbeat racing.
You are making
my life blissfully

— The End —