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"You could be by yourself when things were all right, but when you were blue you got the howling horrors.
She commenced drinking alone, little, short drinks all through the day. It blurred sharp things for her. She lived in a haze of it. Her life took on a dream-like quality.
Nothing was astonoshing."
I must be the reincarnation of Dorothy Parker. Every single word she's ever written is perfectly describing my thoughts, my situation, my life. **** I love her.
It's dangerous when your biggest role models
spent their lives
drinking, smoking and gambling
but maybe it's worth it
if it inspires you to write
that is at least 1 % as great as their works
cause 1 % of their greatness
is ******* amazing
For my four favorite writers: Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.

— The End —