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Annie Jan 15
Under sizzling and bleeping
The time runs nigh
Between heaven and ****
In a room, too bright
Runs a body deadly circles
Captured in pipes
While the fellowship falls silent
As the headman decides
To live and let die

Slow, but soon, the dying noise
Leaves a weakly beating heart
Fighting it's own pointless war
No men alive shall ever thwart
And lifes children turn quiet
As they face the final loss
The fact they canĀ“t deny
They live and let die

Now, the silence bales and centers
Around the fallen prey
Slowly, death spreads, like a cancer
Drives the living away
Until only ease is lagging
In the minds that still stand by
Relief about the outcome
To live and let die
Written 2013, after a very, in a psychological way, exhausting day.
I wish I could see through your eyes, how you view the world.
With too many friends to count, and a guy begging to be yours.
A huge smile spread across your face, and a laugh bigger than the room.
But as I'm looking harder, I can see your gloom.

You make the wrong descisions, you shouldn't be with him.

The one that cares, is not a part of the hymn.

You laugh out of fear, because nothing will ever be clear.

You smile because you're supposed to, not because you're being you.

You're a mess,
I'm a mess.

But at least I'm an honest one.
Thanks for reading, any requests or simply if you need to talk to someone you can message me.
John Douglas May 2014
a mile past the last street light
an empty night full of passing trucks
i don't remember walking this far
but i don't remember where the black eye
or the bottle of whiskey came from either

he must have hit like a *****
whoever he was
because the bottles empty and i still don't feel a thing
just the way i like it

— The End —